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Our Practitioners have completed our Level 1 Certificate program. We do not make any claims about our practitioners and request that you research them by reading their profile and contacting them to ask them questions about their experience as a Genius practitioner.

Please note: All of our practitioners are independent and responsible for their own practice. Please take time to speak with a practitioner to see if they are best for you. Genius Practitioners are biofeedback specialists. They run a scan and find the best frequencies for you in order to reduce stress. They are not medical professionals. Please seek a medical professional if you need assistance for a health condition. The Genius does not diagnose or treat any condition.

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Vincent Anyakora


Hello there. My name is Vincent Anyakora. I am a  a certified biofeedback practitioner, bio-energy practitioner, and an ordained youth minister. My training predominantly focuses on integrative practices such as:...

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