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Nadia Hines

Welcome to our holistic and quantum health wellness business, where we are dedicated to empowering women on their journey to vibrant health and well-being! As a specialized Holistic Nutrition Coach, I focus on cleansing/detoxification and gut health to help you achieve your goals and optimal vitality.

One of the transformative services we offer is the Women’s Ion Cleanse. This powerful detoxification method utilizes AMD’s Ion Cleanse technology to eliminate toxic substances and restore balance within your body. By removing these impediments, we pave the way for other therapies and interventions to have a greater impact on your health. This cleanse gently relaxes and detoxifies your body through your feet, even if your normal elimination pathways are compromised.

Additionally, we provide Quantum Biofeedback sessions, a cutting-edge technique based on the principles of quantum physics. Quantum Biofeedback harnesses the body’s electrical nature and its innate ability to heal itself. By conducting energy testing and harmonization, we can identify imbalances and provide the right stimuli for your body to restore its natural state of well-being. With increased awareness of your body’s needs, you can make positive changes to enhance your overall health. All of this is done with your voice and picture. What is your voice telling you and what is out of balance with your body today?

In addition to our transformative services, we offer affordable, customized essential oil rollerballs tailored to address women’s specific health concerns such as hormones, low libido and adrenals . These rollerballs provide natural support for your well-being, promoting balance, relaxation, and vitality.

Ladies, embark on a holistic journey with us, and let us guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant life. Together, we can unlock your body’s healing potential and achieve true well-being.

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