Genius Biofeedback Sessions

One of our trained biofeedback practitioners will discover the best frequencies for you today. One of our trained Genius Biofeedback Practitioners will provide a scan for you and then discover the best frequencies for you today. This will be based on voice analysis within the program that will gather information about your current vibrational state. Relaxing frequencies are delivered to your tablet or phone, where you can play these stress-reducing frequencies for up to 7 days.

After just a few sessions, I feel like myself again. I am more relaxed and focused. My sleep is deeper and more restful. Very easy and convenient to play the frequencies!

What is the Genius?

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How do Genius sessions work?

A trained practitioner will meet with you online. They will talk to you about your goals for working with the Genius. What kind of transformation or change would you like to experience? They will then record your voice and picture. This information will be converted to a frequency within the program. The practitioner can then find the best frequencies for you today. The practitioner will play these frequencies for you during your meeting and offer to send them to your phone or tablet. Please note that a special app, called a Quanta Capsule, is required to receive these frequencies.

Genius Software

The Genius is Quantum Biofeedback Software that analyzes the voice. Anyone can find out about the software and use it free for 14 days. Our Genius Practitioners have been specially trained to use the software with clients.