Genius Session

A session is typically done remotely via an online meeting, like Zoom. During your session be ready to relax and receive frequencies that help to reduce stress in your life. After a session, you may want to arrange to receive the frequencies on your own device, such as a phone or a tablet (this may require an additional fee through your Practitioner. Just inquire with them). You can then extend the effects of the session by running your personalized frequencies each day for 7 days following your session

What our client's say

Find relief from stress in just a few minutes a day. Genius practitioners work with people all
over the world to discover the energies that would work best for them. Work through stress and emotional blocks and feel like yourself again.
“I’ve noticed that playing the frequencies instantly puts me into a state of calm”
– Anna B, Phoenix, AZ
“A session lifts my mood every time.”
– Peter G, San Francisco, CA
“The Genius sessions have helped me to have more peace in my life. Thank you!”
– Sally R.
West Palm Beach, Fl