Practitioner/Lorraine Andres RHNP

Lorraine Andres RHNP


Based in the Okanagan, BC, Lorraine Andres RHNP is a Registered Holistic Nutrition, Microscopy & Biofeedback Practitioner.  She currently offers structured, individualized nutritional programs for people (all ages) and animals across Canada. She encourages Self-help health strategies and natural alternative remedies, as she herself lives a healthy lifestyle in a rural mountain setting.   She works closely with specialized Doctors, Naturopaths and other personal care professionals.  As a believer in organic, GMO/chemical/filler-free supplements,  Lorraine guides you to what your body says it needs, versus traditional guessing.  Reverse the cause, instead of masking the symptoms. A happy farm-based upbringing ingrained a link to the animal world. A mother of four home-schooled children, she’s polished many talents, including a university level training in Equine psychology, nutrition, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation, along with a Canine Raw Food Nutrition Specialist Certification. As an Equine Canada Certified Competition Coach, if not in the clinic, you can find Lorraine exploring a mountain trail on one of her horses, or teaching a clinic. “Our health is Everything & worth maintaining.”


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