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Darcie Schmitz Tessmer

Hello – My name is Darcie Schmitz Tessmer.  I am the owner of Capernaum Herbals, a Master Herbalist and a Genius Biofeedback Practitioner.  My passion is finding natural ways for people to take control of their health. I love crafting high quality, small batch herbal products using herbs and resins, most of which I either grow or forage.  I am so excited to share the Genius Biofeedback system with others.  Energy medicine is such a great compliment to herbalism and I love thinking of new ways to intertwine the two practices.  

I love to utilize this tool to help me develop customized teas and tinctures for my clients using herbs that their body needs the most.  I am amazed at the power of frequencies and strive to learn all that I can about energy medicine to combine with my continued study of herbalism.  I love to work with my clients to show them the power of frequencies, people are always amazed at how they feel after a session.   My sessions are all remote and I have many plans to choose from.  Book a session today to feel the difference of frequencies.  


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