Practitioner/Dailaan Shaffer
Maple Ridge

Dailaan Shaffer

I’m Dailaan! When I retired from the corporate world, I was ready to learn something new! I wanted to apply my music background and passion for safety to alternative healing modalities. To mentor those looking to actively participate in their wellness rather than participate in the existing sick-care system. To give them alternatives after they were told they had to “learn to live with” their symptoms.

I have fallen in love with Genius Biofeedback as well as essential oils and Reiki; they all provide better solutions. Without pharmaceuticals. Without damaging the gut biome. And without disrupting my hormones. The Genius is a perfect marriage of technology and intuition. Focused intention enables us both to bring about the most awareness and potential for change.

If you have a health concern that has you stuck, I invite you to give biofeedback a try. It could be diabetes, food sensitivities, addictions, anxiety, depression, harmonizing a relationship or clearing your home of unwanted energies! Insomnia, troublesome body aches and pains, or checking which supplements are most needed right now. The list is endless! If you have an urge to create an intentional life, please reach out for a consult.


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