Practitioner/Seava/Lisa Wolf
Crescent Valley

Seava/Lisa Wolf

Seava (Lisa) has been studying frequency medicine since the 1990s, and has received training in the use of Flower Essences, Color Therapy, Art & Drama Therapy, Living Foods, and MariEl Healing. A maker of salves and edibles for well-being, Seava found herself facing the same form of skin dis-ease her mother had faced and rather than turning to allopathy, Seava reached out to her friend, the Alchemist who makes a mini-med-bed Seava calls the ‘Jesus in a Box’ and was introduced to the Genius BioFeedback System by one of her mentors and she found the troubles she was addressing disappeared.

Seava has been sharing these wellness modalities with friends and those in need with everyone who receives the frequencies from the JIAB and the Genius expressing amazement and gratitude at the improvement they feel in their health.

Seava likes to combine the Genius frequencies with the Primer Field created by the JIAB to maximize stress reduction and restoration of optimal wellness.

Your support of Seava’s Mending the Hoop Healing Oasis long-distance services help build a healing center in Nevada.


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