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Sky Valley
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mardelle milton-mercurio


My mission is to uplift and support you during this time of immense transformation. I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Well Being Coach and have been working with Radionics and Frequency Healing using Sound and Light since 1990.  My Father was an Oscar winning Sound Engineer,  so I was introduced to frequency and sound as a young girl. This is an unparalleled time for those at the forefront of optimizing human health and promoting the union of healing arts modalities with groundbreaking science. I am part of this movement forward in the Science of Healing. As a Biofeedback specialist, I use a variety of energy techniques to accomplish the healing work that I do;  The Genius, a Sophisticated Biofeedback Health Reporting Program, Biofeedback Light Therapy and the Original Bowen Technique.  As a result of my work, my clients have gained an awareness of their physical, mental and spiritual stressors and health imbalances and have gained a connection to their holistic body. They feel that they have gotten the knowledge and support they need to heal on many levels. As we progress on your healing path, directed by you, through your own voice, the restorative energetic reinforcement promotes growth and healing and reminds the body of its perfect blueprint of health so it can heal itself. I can’t wait to get started as you are empowered to take a proactive approach to your health and healing. You can. By integrating evidence-based tools for whole-body healing into your preventive routine, you begin to feel the best you have ever felt, so call for your introductory health reading today!


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