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:karen : lucyk macdonald


i have  been in the medical field close to 40 years.  2005: Quantum BioFeedback Specialist, PhD doctorate program IQUIM, SUN saskatchewan head NAC frm. RN, NICU, Quantum Technician, Colon Hydro Therapist, Peri Vaginal Steam Therapist/Yoni Steam/Suppository instructor, Matrix Energetics, Reiki  Master, CACHA diplomat, Raindrop/Vita FLex massage/reflexology/Aromatherapy, Foraging BioDynamic Gardening, Sho Tai muscle testing, Iridology, Dark Field blood analysis,  2005- present : SCIO*EFPX*VibraScan* GENIUS BioFeedback Lead Instructor, EMotional Release, Trauma SARA/TI counselling, MiLab international recognized tribal shaman 13th white bear klan, epigenetic, vaxx recovery

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