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Heidi Hughes

As an Energetic Light Healer, Alchemist, Teacher and Medical Intuitive, with a love of neuroscience, nature, elements, astrology, mythology with methodical approaches. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Management, focus on Health Management at Saint Leo University. Taught in the City schools focused in Special Education. Currently is Affiliated and licensed, working under the supervision of The United States AirForce with Military families with special needs children. Representing United States of America and Host Nation Germany, as the First Massage Therapist to become a Tricare-Europe provider setting the stage for Military families to receive insurance for Massage Services. Holds Teacher certificates in many health fields to include: Master level, Reiki Dr. Usui lineage. Master level, Energetic Healing Quantum Style, Margaret Bryant Master Teacher ‘Seek The Light Within’. Heidi is also a Quantum Genius Practitioner in which analyzes with Biofeedback (applying quantum physics to the advancing field of vibrational medicine), to locate the Root of an issue then creates frequencies for the body so it may heal itself with its remarkable built in computer program.

Heidi known as a Divine Warrior to assist Humanity in ‘Know Thyself’ Inner Warrior = Empowerment. Focuses on raising frequencies for Ascension. In turn Created Lighthouse Energetics. Lighthouse ‘Guiding the way to Safe Harbor’.  Energetics ‘The Conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as in their general and physical well-being.

Heidi offers the below and healing services or clearing of lands, homes and businesses. For individuals and businesses with details found on her website.  She will travel, Online-Zoom and Meet at her studio.



  • Healing Services
  • Divine Warrior Training
  • Healing Art Tours on Ley Lines
  • Hosts a radio-TV Podcast.

Please email for a 10 minute consult to set up your Energetic Wellness Exam.


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